Gardena Valley
Chamber Of Commerce
What Our Members Know . . .
The Gardena Valley Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1933 as a non-profit, action-oriented, membership organization to promote the Gardena Valley. Our members consist of businesses, civic leaders, and government officials from the Gardena Valley area. Even though we are a voluntary membership organization, businesses and leaders throughout our community have made it a priority to become members.

Our Members know that there is strength in numbers and strength in unity. So, they join the Gardena Valley Chamber of Commerce to ensure that this community active and progressive organization thrives so that the beauty of the Gardena Valley shines.

Our Members know that they share in the prosperity of the City of Gardena and the Gardena Valley area. Business is part of the community it is housed. Each business has the obligation to subscribe actively to the advancement of the community of which they are apart.

Our Members know that they prosper as the City of Gardena and Gardena Valley area prospers. Therefore, they help to build a thriving community by making a Gardena Valley Chamber Membership Investment. This investment in the Chamber strengthens their voice in the Gardena Valley Community and broadens their opportunities.

Our Members know that progress and prosperity depend upon the development of sound economic and social structures. The Gardena Valley Chamber, as the entity that joins the many diverse businesses in our community, aggressively ensures that all of the community comes together to facilitate the appropriate structures to ensure the wealth of the Gardena Valley community by establishing and maintaining programs and opportunities. We capitalize on the advantages for the Gardena Valley area.

Our Members know that the support of all businesses and the whole community is necessary to assure the economic climate, civic and business development demanded by our modern standard of living. Through the Gardena Valley Chamber of Commerce each Gardena Valley area resident, business, and government representative can accomplish a healthy and booming environment for business, residential, and civic growth.

Our Members know that we can only attain these goals only through a united effort by an organization that is equipped to study and conduct sound program and community progress. The Gardena Valley Chamber of Commerce is the only organization consistently and exclusively engaged in promoting the civic and economic development of the Gardena Valley.